Pearl White Shell Silk Halter Dress


Silk halter dress with pearls and shells for a vintage glamorous look.
Hand-pleated shell embellishments on the bust, echoed in the Swarovski pearl straps.
Elegant and chic at home, or as a party dress or wedding gown.

100% mulberry silk

Please check labels for specific instructions on washing and caring of product. Visit our Silk Care Page for more information.

Silky Miracle is committed to providing the finest quality products, evident throughout the entire production process, proudly crafted in China - the homeland on Silk. Designed in Shanghai, farmed in Sichuan province and manufactured in Suzhou, JiangSu Province, along the Yangtze River. Visit our Values & Ethics Page for more information.

Pearl White Shell Silk Halter Dress


Benefits of Silk

Silk is not only supple and elegant, but also offers numerous benefits for health and wellbeing. Silky Miracle prioritises wellness as an integral part of their ethos, believing that people deserve bedding and clothing that is both beautiful, supportive of overall health and well-being