Silk Care

Silky Miracle crafts luxury loungewear from the finest 100% mulberry silk of 6A grade. ​Every item is crafted carefully with the purpose to last a lifetime. To ensure longevity please follow the below care guidelines:

Always check label for instructions on washing and caring of product

Fabrics containing Swarovski crystals should be hand-washed

Wash only in water below 40°C

Do not soak wash

Professional dry cleaning service is highly recommended

Dark and light-coloured items should be separated, to avoid colour-staining

Avoid washing with articles of different fabric materialUse neutral or special detergent for silk

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Dry in a shaded and cooling area, away from direct sunlight

When ironing, keep temperature below 110°C, and avoid ironing a single area constantly

Store in a cool, dry place free of chemical substances

If you have any other questions regarding silk care, feel free to get in touch with one of our customer advisers

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