Brand beginnings

The idea for Silky Miracle was conceived in London in 2008 when the two co-founders were on the hunt for beautifully crafted silk lifestyle pieces, but were never fully satisfied with what they found. Inspired, they both returned to China after their studies and spent three years learning traditional Chinese silk craftsmanship before officially launching Silky Miracle in 2016.

To the founders, silk is the most premium textile in the world. Nothing compares to its soft, plush feel and the health benefits that come with incorporating it into everyday life. From a young age, both founders were introduced to the wonders of silk, with their parents using it to build a soft and treasured space to live beautifully in.

With offices in Shanghai and London, Silky Miracle has over 10 stores in China and Singapore and sell their premium silk collections worldwide on

Brand ethos

Silky Miracle's core value is to create the highest quality artisanal silk pieces designed for a comforting and beautiful lifestyle. Every piece is attentively designed, crafted, and finished with details ranging from French Chantilly lace, Swarovski crystals, and hand embroidery, all coming together to create an unmatched level of premium comfort.

Designs are inspired by the exploration of silk and the beauty of life, catering to those who desire to elevate the everyday.

Benefits of silk

Values & ethics