An intimate journey to the opulent look, softness, and comfort in your bedroom. Be touched by the sheer luxury in a romantic and inviting atmosphere.

BICOLORE Collection

With the unique lightness and texture of real silk, color-matching provides for a unique home experience as shaped by the highest-level artistic design.


The combination of French lace and Italian mulberry silk fabrics creates a luxurious atmosphere of unspeakable but sweet love and adds an unprecedented touch of romance to life at home.

ELEMENT Collection

Faint irregular lines are embellished in this comfortable silk fabric. Through the fusion of dark lines, the light beauty of luxury is accentuated. The ELEMENT series brings you to a differently luxurious sleeping experience.

THE ONE Collection

THE ONE collection is all about simple and timeless elegance. Soft, breathable and comfortable, our silk bedding intends to lift your dream to a palpable sense of luxury.

FAIRY Collection

Crafted from the finest silk with chiffon embroidery for an impeccable shimmering smooth finish.

PURE Collection

Gentle and considerate, almost like sleeping on a soft, fluffy, white cloud.

SNOWFALL Collection

Snowfall’s sparkling rhinestones and silk velvet complement each other, highlighting the fashionable and elegant home during the cold season.

Épis de blé Collection


CLOUDS Collection